Affordable Housing

Macdonald Environmental Planning, PC has a long standing record for designing sustainable landscape elements into affordable housing projects. We are proud of this reputation and we will continue to provide environmentally-friendly solutions for every project we are involved with. Our recent involvements with the Vancouver Housing Authority, Home Forward, and Salem Housing Authority with multiple project renovations and other new projects with Northwest Housing Alternatives, Central City Concern, Portland Community Reinvestment, Columbia Non-Profit and Home First Development have kept our team engaged and current with housing trends.

Green Building

Sustainability is like a thread that is woven through all of our work as we feel that a careful balance between the built environment and nature is essential to successful project outcomes that will endure the test of time. In pursuit of this philosophy, we embrace many sustainable design elements such as green streets, living green screens and walls, ecoroofs and green roofs and soft storm water treatment solutions. Other sustainable components found in our housing projects are community gardens, centralized gathering plazas, and live work elements.

In designing landscape for housing projects, Macdonald Environmental Planning, PC, is:

  • Maximizing the sustainability of the site
  • Creating aesthetically appropriate and maintainable landscapes for each housing type
  • Using native plantings
  • Maximizing Community Gathering Areas including Courtyards, Garden Plots
  • Installing water efficient irrigation

Green Living

We strive to create spaces for all ages within the development in order to encourage residents to commune together.

Eco Friendly Home

Creating an environment that allows the resident to enjoy the outdoors from outside and inside their homes while creating a landscape that gives back to the earth.

Environmental Architecture

We believe in finding a balance between human interaction and protecting our planet.