Humboldt Gardens – Portland, OR


Humboldt Gardens was a Hope VI, an affordable housing project for the Housing Authority of Portland, which included a mixed-use building that achieved LEED Silver certification from the USGBC.

As Landscape Architect we collaborated with the Civil Engineer to develop an award-winning approach to a Green Street treatment for stormwater.  The plantings for the Green Street used water-tolerant plants and swale seed mix in the swales with more residential plant selections by the walkways leading into the units. The combination of the lawn and swale grass panels as they move through the front yard and shrub beds allows easy maintenance by mowing both.

The project’s sustainable design elements including permeable paving, soft stormwater swales, a green street, a community pocket park and garden seating courtyards.  The landscaping approach throughout the project was child tough, low maintenance, and complementary to a residential neighborhood.

Humboldt Gardens was recognized by the 2009 City of Portland BEST Awards as the winner of the Green Building for New construction/Major renovation.