Suttle Lake Master Plan


Macdonald Environmental Planning, P.C. worked with the Owner of Suttle Lake Resort and Marina in 2002 to update the Development Master Plan for this 7 acre “peninsula” at the east end of Suttle Lake. This report was submitted to the Sisters Ranger District, Deschutes National Forest, Pacific Northwest Region of the USDA Forest Service for approval of the expansion of the Resort facilities and the re-vegetation plan for the overall site.

The project included the analysis of the existing Resort facilities, the proposed new access road and bridge and the condition of the natural vegetation, the proposed relocation of existing cabins, new cabin locations and the new lodge and parking lot location. This project’s master plan had been revised numerous times but, failed to receive approval due to the opposition by the Friends of the Metolius River Basin.

Our effort to achieve approval included environmental sensitive master development plan which protected the riparian vegetation from further degradation while proposing a 5 year re-vegetation plan for the non essential resort areas. These areas were to have an 80 percent cover of vegetation achieved. The Forest Service approved the Suttle Lake Resort and Marina Master Plan in 2003 allowing the Owner to construct a new Lodge facility and add 6 more Cabins to the 22 acre sensitive site.