Senior Communities & Housing

The livelihood of Senior Communities begins with special attention to the outdoor living spaces and garden areas something we've done for over twenty years. Since the beginning we have felt that it was very important to incorporate garden elements which reinforce the residents ability to participate in gardening activities such as strolling or working in the raised beds, and observing nature through bird feeders, bird baths or just seeing the seasonal change nature brings to the plantings.  We understand the important healing aspects that access to nature can bring to residents, visitors, and care givers.  As the baby boomers continue to move toward retirement age, we continue to evolve in our design philosophy to keep up with the most recent environmental research.

Eco Friendly Home

Creating an environment that allows the resident to enjoy the outdoors from outside and inside their homes while creating a landscape that gives back to the earth.

Environmental Architecture

We believe in finding a balance between human interaction and protecting our planet.  Applying LEED, Evergreen Sustainable Development Standards, or other appropriate overlays is something we are experienced about and comfortable with for every project.