Health Care

Project involvements range in scale from system wide and regional medical campus healing environment master plans, medical center development master plans, and phased healing environments on expansion projects to detailed entrance plazas, healing gardens, meditation courtyards and rooftop terraces. Our team embraces the Evidence Based Design theory and seek to employ many of the benefits that nature offers on every project.

Whether your facility treats ten or a thousand patients, we are committed to healthy people, healthy communities and healthy environments.  With over 30 years of healthcare planning and design experience, we have the tools necessary to facilitate your health care landscape project, large or small.

Healing Gardens

Healing Gardens incorporate healing  principles into the environment, ensuring the presence of tranquility, beauty, comfort, and safety for the benefit of the patients, families, visitors and staff.  Healing is enhanced in peaceful, serene environments with access to natural light, sound, smell, and touch.  Garden highlights, flowing water and waterfalls, natural plantings, pathways and seating areas, artwork, and green spaces filled with life promote healing.

Therapeutic Gardens

The calming power of a therapeutic garden will help restore the patient's nerves, speed injury recovery and comfort patients through the transition to a healthful existance .  A calm patient is better able to cope with stressful treatment, diminishing the damaging effects of stress on the healing process.

Garden Designs

A garden design that is full of life, promotes healthy living.  Bringing Mother Nature into the healthcare system helps the restorative process in the human body.  Attention to detail makes patients more comfortable.

Environment and Healing

Healing Environments are a series of outdoor spaces designed to have measurable therapeutic outcomes.  We design these garden to benefit the greatest number and widest-range of users.

  • A range of Healing Environments;  all scales, multiple spaces where every space can have an impact
  • Knowledge of a vast Array of Research; views of Landscaped areas reduce the time of recovery, staff retention and happiness, and increases marketability in a competitive area

The marriage of Landscape Architecture and Medical Care serves to lower health care costs, improve patient recovery, raise staff morale and promote healthy living.