Mixed Use and Market Rate

In designing communities, the staff at Macdonald Environmental Planning is very sensitive to providing outdoor amenities for residents. Pedestrian friendly planning and design includes amenities such as bicycle and walking trails, community parks with water features, arbors and picnic tables, and children’s play areas.  Family friendly landscaping includes lush plantings of native and adapted flowers, shrubs and trees which help support wildlife and promote water conservation.  Plazas and open green spaces provide opportunities for outdoor gathering and group activities.  Providing access to open natural spaces and activity areas reinforces a healthy lifestyle and healthy community.

Senior Communities

Senior communities are designed with special considerations for providing opportunities for residents to enjoy the out-of-doors regardless of physical challenges.  Easily navigated walkways, with varied seating opportunities and vistas, are standard features; and an abundance of plantings which provide seasonal interest and sensory stimulation is of vital importance.  Special considerations are taken to insure that the “view from the window” is attractive and interesting for residents that may be unable to get outside.

Mixed Use Communities

The urban setting of the mixed-use community provides opportunities for including creative and dynamic features within the overall design.  Engaging features, whether they are designed around water, sculptures, or architecture, provide community recognition and points of connection.  Roof top terraces provide residents with a heightened sense of well-being and security.  Walls and roofs become canvases for living green screens and green roofs.