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Greenroofs Contribute To Cleaning Our Air – Beautiful!

As our cities grow so does their respective carbon footprint. More people translate into a higher volume of new cars, the need for new buildings, which in turn, increases the need for energy. The picture that is painted here is not very encouraging from an environmental perspective. The good news is that Ecoroofs can absorb a great deal of the pollution created.

The absorption takes place via the plantings on the ecoroof. Plants absorb the pollutants through their leaves and eventually convert pollutants to nutrients. Plants can then reuse the nutrients as food. Both the density of coverage and the types of plants used can vary the amount of pollutant absorption hence the selection of species should be thoughtfully considered in efforts to maximize the absorption rate.

In a publication recently written by Portlands’ Bureau of Environmental Sciences, titled ‘Cost Benefit Evaluation Of Ecoroofs 2008‘, we find that .04 pounds per square foot of carbon particulates are consumed on average by ecoroof plantings. When applying this number to our 7,188 square foot Central City Library Ecoroof in Portland, Oregon, 288 pounds of carbon is consumed annually!

This statistic is certainly encouraging and with persistent promotion of ecoroofs world wide, we can, as a community, create a cleaner environment. The more square feet of ecoroof we create the easier we will all breathe! How much carbon can YOUR roof clean?