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Portland Roof get a Green Face Lift

Learn about Portland’s incredible strides in the area of Green Engineering.  Macdonald Environmental Planning, P.C., the landscape architect responsible for designing the Multnomah County Central City Library Ecoroof, will be appearing live on the KPTV morning show to discuss it’s commitment to Sustainability and Green Engineering.

Daniel Edwards with Macdonald Environmental Planning, P.C., will be joining the team of professionals responsible for the design and installation of the new Multnomah County Central Library Ecoroof for a live interview to be televised on KPTV’s morning show tomorrow, January 13th.

The interview will be televised at various times throughout the morning: 5:53am, 6:23am, 6:53am, 7:53am, 8:23am, and 8:45am respectively. KPTV will be interviewing Allen Profit from Multnomah County, Kat West from the Bureau of Environmental Sciences, a Central City Library spokesperson, Mark Carpenter of Columbia Greenroof Technology who was the provider of the tray system installed, and Daniel Edwards of Macdonald Environmental Planning,P.C..

Viewers will be informed on tours that are available for the ecoroof, the effects that the ecoroof has on staff productivity, how the tray system installed contributes to energy savings, water retention and heat island effect reduction, and how this contributes to Portlands plan for making the city a more sustainable place to live.

Please join us tomorrow morning to learn more about our Multnomah County Central Library Ecoroof and it’s nurturing benefits for our environment.

Laurel Macdonald Bonnell, Principal
Macdonald Environmental Planning, P.C.