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Environmentally Responsible Design

Environmentally Responsible Design and Sustainability is a key thread that is intentionally woven through all of our work.  We feel that a careful balance between the built environment and nature is essential for achieving successful project outcomes; those that will endure the test of time.  In pursuit of this philosophy, we embrace many sustainable design elements such as:

  • green streets
  • living green screens and walls
  • ecoroofs and green roofs
  • and soft storm water treatment solution


Rain Gardens & Bio-Filtration

The team at Macdonald Environmental Planning has a long track record of assisting design teams and developers create sustainable projects.  Rain Celebration Gardens and bio-retention and bio-filtration areas such as flow-through planters and swales work together aesthetically and physically to address storm water management issues.  The inclusion of amenities such as community gardens, rooftop and terrace gardens and water features increase the livability of higher density housing developments. Using native and locally adapted plant materials and providing pedestrian friendly pathway systems are essential to the environmental vitality of each project and/ or community we touch.

LEED Accredited

MEPpc is a member of the USGBC and our LEED accredited staff offer our Clients the needed expertise for participation in Green Charrettes and assistance in meeting sustainability goals and achieving LEED certification on projects undertaken.  Our commitment to thoughtful, life-enhancing design can be seen by our experience in developing projects which promote our goals of healthy people, healthy community, and healthy environment.

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