July 2018

Healthcare Design

"It's the largest new (medical clinic) project for the Oregon region this year, so there's quite a bit of excitement around it. You don't get to build a greenfield medical office very often anymore, so it's kind of exciting to do that."

- Providence Health & Services senior construction manager Weston York - read more

August 2018

Mixed-use Housing Review

"The applicant agreed to work with the Regional Arts and Culture Council to install a public art piece on a blank wall facing Cook Street that will reflect the history of the site and surrounding area."

- Chuck Slothower - read more

May 2017

Affordable Housing Review

"Magnolia 2 represents the achievement of a long-held goal of Innovative Housing Inc, which in addition to housing, provides services intended to keep its residents stable and successful."

- Sam Tenney - read more

May 2017

EFA Award of Merit

"This garden community, originally opened in 1960, faced several challenges contributing to declining occupancy. Known for its lush landscaping and relaxed lifestyle,        the campus consisted of linear, one-story garden apartments that no longer met consumer expectations."

- PLPS Architects & MGA Architects - read more

May 2011

DJC 2011 Top Projects: First Place

"The Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Corvallis needed additional space to ensure quality care for its patients. The West Tower Expansion involved constructing 60,000 square feet of new building space and renovating more than 19,000 square feet. The expansion features a new emergency department and a new critical care area, as well as space for additional surgical beds and future expansions."

- Lindsey O'Brien - read more

May 2011

DJC 2011 Top Projects: Second Place

"In order to begin construction on The James Hawthorne Apartments in downtown Portland, the building first had to be carefully dismantled. Two adjacent apartment buildings, property lines and busy streets surrounded the construction site, leaving almost no room for staging."

- Lindsey O'Brien - read more

April 2008

Real Estate & Construction Review

"The new addition is also built to be sustainable and includes features such as improved indoor air quality with 100 percent fresh air intake and exhaust, and mechanical and electrical systems that create a healthy environment within and outside the building. The addition is also energy efficient, with a projected $217,400 annual energy-cost savings."

- Stacey Nathanson - read more

December 2007

Healthcare Building Ideas

"At Sky Lakes Medical Center in Klamath Falls, Oregon, it was the administration's dedication that led to the inclusion of a rooftop healing garden over an existing structure. The team at Sky Lakes sought a holistic approach to medicine and examined health care trends across the nation."

- Laurel Macdonald Bonnell - read more

February 2007

Healthcare Design

"The incorporation of healing environments was realized specifically in the Landscape Development Standards prepared as a part of the Development Master Plan. As a component, landscape architects Macdonald Environmental Planning developed a standard plant materials list that defined what plants were to be used in each type of landscape treatment."

- Healthcare Design Magazine - read more

August 2006

Architectural Record

"In the Pacific Northwest, a more modest size green roof is in the process of being installed on top of Michael Grave's Portland Building, completed in 1982. The 18,200-square-foot extensive installation, designed by Macdonald Environmental Planning, will include a variety of sedums and grasses, and was spawned by a city council resolution passed earlier this year."

- Joann Gonchar, AIA - read more

February 2005

Health Facilities Management Magazine

"Whether applied to a hospital's interior design elements, its mechanical/electrical/pluming infrastructure or its technology backbone, master planning is the healthcare facility professional's tool of choice for mapping out a long term direction within the built environment."

- Julie Jones Manning and Laurel Macdonald Bonnell - read more