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Designing Specialized Healing Gardens for “Behavioral Health” Centers

The characteristics and functions of a typical healing or therapeutic garden are becoming more widely documented, yet those for specialized healing environments within the hospital setting remain relatively unknown. We at MacDonald Environmental Planning are very excited to be working on three separate hospital projects with a “behavioral health” garden component, and adding to the […]

Living Green Screens Challenge Planter, Irrigation and Drainage Design

The Borealis Apartments, located in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle, incorporates green walls to buffer the residents from the busy traffic and screen the views of expansive parking lots to the south. The vines and climbing plants in these green façades are also intended to help screen the direct sun, purify the air […]

'LEED for Landscapes' Finally!

As a LEED® Accredited Professional, I have read the USGBC LEED Reference Manual multiple times and spent months trying to memorize Indoor Environmental Quality credits. But let’s face it, all the clean air we pump into our buildings is from the outdoors. And as far as I know, buildings can’t generate clean air, plants do […]

Health Facilities Management Magazine


Whether applied to a hospital’s interior design elements, its mechanical/electrical/plumbing infrastructure or its technology backbone, master planning is the health care facility professional’s tool of choice for mapping out a long-term direction within the built environment.  It is perhaps not surprising, then, that Samaritan Health Services, Corvallis, Ore., decided to use a mast planning process […]